Monday, May 3, 2010

This is a poetry which portrays Nature's cry for man's exploitation.Rains are always taken for joy but this shows a different view of the usual idea

Summer Showers

Nothing like the rain after a steaming summer afternoon
Heavenly boughs of the coconut tree, claimed to be found only in god’s own country
Was swaying to the tune of the cold summer rain
These tangled boughs seemed to sparkle in the dark blue flickering background caused the lightning.

Sitting on my balcony without the usual cup of tea,
It feels like in a hill station.
Nature at his best,
Seeming to spread all his glory to one and all who fall under his shadow.

All swayed to nature’s tune,his own forlorn tune
It was as if he cried out to man for creeping into his nerves and bursting out his arteries
I call him Father nature who goes hand in hand with our very own Mother Earth.

All grown under his shadow,danced and laughed away to glory
Ironically when he himself was shedding his tears
With no mam who could understand his pain
Nor his own children who danced and laughed away to glory.

His ice sheets are melting and so are his snow peaks
Mercury levels are rising and reaching heights just like his snow peaks.
Chaos all over, misery, exploitation, mining, felling and what not?!
But all far from worried disrespecting his very soul.

The thunder , the rain, the lightning, the hail
Yet every man, woman and child rejoiced and welcomed his tears with arms outstretched
His cry, the most dominant of all has always been mistaken for joy
By every man, woman and child; tree shrub and bush.

Even the loudest of his thunders deterred noone
The harder he pours, the louder he cries
Hoping to let us know he’s hurt, but in vain.
He’s been doing this since times immemorial with infinite patience and still
No body even born to feel his pain.


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